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Chef pillai restaurant in kerala

Image Credits: Anoop Kumar

Chef Pillai Restaurant Kochi – The Epitome of Fusion Foods

Nisha N

Written by Nisha N Thursday, October 13 2022

Hello foodies,

Are you excited to explore unique varieties of food?

Just get up, buckle your seat belts and head straight to Le Meridian, Kochi where ‘Restaurant Chef Pillai’ staff are happily waiting for you with their friendly tagline ‘Sneham Vaari Vitharatte (സ്നേഹം വാരി വിതറട്ടെ)and ‘Namaskkaaram Koottukaare’ (നമസ്കാരം കൂട്ടുക്കാരെ)..

RCP is a must-visit destination for Foodies. The food items here are super tasty and the fusion magic of Chef Pillai is something out of the box.

Celebrity chef Suresh Pillai, who hailed from the Kollam district of Kerala is the root cause for the emergence of chef pillai restaurant Kochi.

Chef pillai restaurant in Kerala is all about the aesthetics of food. He is a pioneer in cooking. Food is something which serves both the mind and the soul.

Chef Pillai never failed to accomplish this with his culinary expertise. His fusion with food is an attractive factor for food lovers to head in. His fusion recipes that emulsify the best of several cuisines into one has a huge fan base.

He combines his traditional home cooking methods with his International Professional experience and creates wonders.

This has become the tastiest flavour in Kerala Palate. RCP, with its authenticity, creates an ecstatic feel for all food lovers. 

RCP, a 5-star Marriot, is known for the amazing flavours of Chef Suresh Pillai’s cuisines.  The NIRVANA is the magic of food fusion and enlightment which drives hundreds of guests in for the taste delight.

Chef Pillai’s stamp of authenticity, FISH NIRVANA, is the tower of strength of his specially sculpted menu.

His dishes emphasise the elegance, skilled cooking, and an aesthetic presentation on a platter.

All dishes tell a story of their origin, originally sourced ingredients, choice of spices and finally, the delicious flavours on the palates. All his signature dishes are unique, and it tastes delicious. 

Hospitality is another factor driving many people to chef pillai restaurant Kerala.  They strictly adhere to the saying ‘Adithi Devo Bava’.

The hospitality is outstanding, and you feel like revisiting this place again and again once you experience it.

Signature Dishes of Chef Pillai Restaurant Kochi

Multifarious food items from local Kerala cuisine, which is a fusion with other items around the world, is something specific about RCP. 

This kind of fusion food item is very delicious too. You can experience amazing taste variants from chef pillai restaurant Kochi.

Chef Pillai and his team have presented a different take on Malayalee cuisine as it reaches international standards and recognition. RCP is unique in its taste, and the ambience is surreal. It has one of the best services in Kerala.

Fish nirvana chef pillai

Image Credits: Mohamed Shaheen

1. Fish Nirvana

Fish Nirvana is the most loved dish from the menu in RCP.  This is a fusion of Kerala cuisine with the Polish food Variety. This is an unique attempt done by pilla which resulted in a tremendous success. In this Nirvana you have three types of fish is to choose that is avoli, karimeen and king fish. This fish Nirvana goes really nice with nool parotta and appam.

Nikkah biryani kochi

Image Credits: Vishnupriya V

2. Nikkah Biriyani

This is served only for lunch. Nikkah Biryani is prepared in the style of traditional Malabar Muslim wedding biryani, along with Chef’s magical and signature add-ons. On order, you will get a ravishing biryani with a high aroma at your table. It is served as kizhi biryani, so when you open the kizhi you can feel the rich aroma of the dish.

Nool parotta kochi

Image Credits: Anitta Varghese

3. Nool Porotta

Nool porotta is another intersection super tasty dish in RCP.  The parotta is very crispy, and with the creamy Nirvana, it feels heavenly.

Sambharam kadumanga panipuri

Image Credits: Anitta Varghese 

4. Sambharam Kadumanga Panipuri

This is another delicious food fusion of traditional Kerala cuisine with the famous Pani Puri of the north. The chef has made every effort to bring out its unique taste to all the food lovers. They even maintained the temperature of the dish to get the right taste.

Injipuli chicken wings

Image Credits: Bijo George 

5. Injipuli Chicken Wings

Combination of chicken 65 marinated fried chicken with traditional Kerala food injipuli. It’s a must-try starter, and it tastes delicious.

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Chef Pillai Restaurant Kochi Menu

From starters to dessert, it’s a culinary exploration through Kerala cuisine with the signature fusion dishes by Chef Pillai.

Chef pillai restaurant kerala menu

Image Credits: Anitta Varghese

Food Menu List


6. Oxtail Pakkoda Rasam In this dish, the traditional fried pakkavadas will be served with slow-cooked braised oxtail, and its rich broth will be served as a clear soup.
7. Quilon Fried Chicken This is a staple delicacy of Kerala, where the chicken is fried in the Quilon way, in which the outer side of the chicken is crisp, and the inner side is soft and juicy.
8. Oyster Ashtamudi This is a special dish which is inherited from the home kitchen of Chef Pillai’s mother. This is an authentic traditional dish made from the fresh oysters from the ashtamudi lake.
9. Pol Sambol Kalamari This is a Sri Lankan dish. In the Sri Lankan glossary, Pol means grated coconut, and the symbol is chutney. This dish is made with slow-roasted grated coconut with sun-dried fish.
10. Kuttanad Duck Roast This is the main course, where the vigona duck is slow-cooked in coconut milk and black pepper infused with green cardamom and coriander. This Curry goes well with slices of bread or appams.
11. Veettile Kozhi Curry This authentic air logic and Curry uses slow-fire cooking with coconut milk and traditional Kerala spices that give home-cooked flavours.
12. Kollam Aattirachi Curry This is a classic mutton Curry from Chef Pillai’s Hometown, which goes well with Porrotta. This is such a delicacy.
13. Chemmeen Manga Curry This dish is from the kitchens of Allepy, But the prawns are cooked along with shredded green mangoes, shimmered with coconut milk and other spices.
14. Ashtamudi Meen Curry This dish is inspired from the fishermen of neendankara, Kollam. They cook their fresh fish caught on board with essential spices they carry with them.
15. Chayakada beef curry Beef Curry is an iconic Kerala dish where the beef is slow-cooked with spicy Kerala masalas and slowly blended with the meat to create a dark colour. It is delicious and best with porottas.
16. Malabar Nool parotta North Kerala’s traditional parotta is skilfully handcrafted and Tava fried to give a fluffy and soft texture. This is an outstanding combination with Nirvana.
17. Poricha Pathiri This is made of rice flour, flattened, rolled with jeera and coconut, and then deep-fried in coconut oil.
18. Masala Grilled Tiger Prawns The whole tiger prawns are grilled with shell split. The prawns are marinated with spicy marination, which retains its juiciness and gives a wholesome flavour.
19. Meen BBQ This is a renowned Pillai’s Master Chef delicacy inspired by his mother, used for BBC master chef professionals. It is his signature dish.
20. Unniappam falooda It’s a Fusion of Iran-origin falooda with Kerala delicacy mini Unniappam. This dessert is a multi-layer of jelly, vermicelli, dry fruits, ice cream and then the nostalgic Thean Mittai. This is topped with a mini Unniappam.
21. Palada Cheesecake This special dessert is where the cheesecake is layered with cold Kerala Palada.
22. Tender Coconut Pudding This is a light, fluffy pudding made with the fresh flavours of tender coconut.
23. Vattalappam This is a Sri Lankan-origin dish, whereas, in South India, it is made with coconut milk and jaggery.

And much more…

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Chef Pillai Restaurant Kochi Price

Chef pillai restaurant kerala menu price

Image Credits: Anitta Varghese

RCP is a 5-star hotel, so the prices may not be low. The food they offer will be worth the money. They are quite justified. You will get international quality south Indian food. Don’t miss the opportunity to relish the delicious flavours of RCP.

Add on Amenities of Chef Pillai Restaurant Kerala

As I said earlier their hospitality is outstanding. They prioritise the comfort of their customers so that they can enjoy the food at the ambiance peacefully.

RCP is Kids-Friendly They offer high chairs and kids’ plates. This will be a great relief for the parents who come along with their kids. This helps parents and the kids enjoy their food in their comfort zone. So, parents, what are you waiting for? You can enjoy your food with your kids without any chaos. Each customer, despite of is to be satisfied. This is the motto of RCP.
Wheelchair Accessibility There is no excuse for people who use wheelchairs not to visit RCP because the restaurant has wheelchair accessibility entrance. This will help them to move easily.

Chef Pillai Restaurant Kerala Bookings

You can book your seats before enjoying the aesthetic feel of chef Pillai’s culinary expertise with ease and comfort. Plan your weekends with family and friends with RCP.

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Chef Pillai Restaurants in Kerala

Great dishes, a super variety menu, friendly staff and no similarities with the dishes you order are RCP’s highlights.

The highly rated restaurant in Kochi. The dishes are nice and exquisite. Must-try restaurant in Kerala.

  • Hotel Le Meridian, Maradu, Kochi.
  • The Raviz Kollam, Ashtamudi Lake, Kollam (He works there)
  • New Chef Pillai restaurant in Thrissur (opening soon)

You can meet Chef Suresh Pillai from The Raviz hotel, where he is the corporate chef and culinary director.

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Once you enter his culinary world, you can surely enjoy the culinary expertise and hospitality of chef Pillai and his team.

They have a good ambience, wonderful staff, high customer support, and tasty food. This place will be an absolute delight for every food lover who wishes to explore unique items.

Chef pillai restaurant Kochi is a 4.2-star rated restaurant with fresh and tasty food. Reservation is good to avoid a long wait; however, the long wait is worth it.

The food tastes heavenly.  The soothing old Malayalam songs in the background will add much more bliss to your experience. RCP is a must-visit restaurant in Kochi.

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