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Restaurants in Palakkad

17 Best Restaurants in Palakkad – Get The Best Dining Experience

Written by Fathimath Ambrina Sunday, January 01 2023

Craving for your favorites? 


We love food, and we always crave it. 

Even if we are not hungry, we tend to eat our favs.  

There are many varieties of food in this world, and most of us love to try food from different places. 

There are vegans and people who eat non-vegetarian foods, but the heartiest fact is that all have access to a wide range of food according to their preferences and tastes.

So yes, I’m sharing a few best restaurants in Palakkad; please look forward to it and hope it’ll help you.

Non-veg Restaurants in Palakkad

Noorjehan open grill

Image Credits: Dr.Kalaivani Ramachandran

1. Noorjehan Open Grill Restaurant

Noorjehan open grill restaurant in Palakkad is one of the classic and cozy restaurants in Palakkad

It is located near the opposite trinity eye care center Palakkad. 

It has a beautiful ambiance and is very spacious to visit with family and friends. It is also the best option for a date. 

They provide varieties of food options and multiple cuisines. 

Cold and hot starters, mocktails, soups, chicken treats, pasta, Chinese treasures, Arabic, rice and noodles, broasted, grilled, and veg zone. 

Their biryani is a must-try and is very delicious. 

A perfect spot to visit.

Sultan of flavors

Image Credits: Sultan of flavors

2. Sultan of Flavors Restaurants

Located stadium Bypass Rd, Sultanpet, Palakkad, Kerala 678001. 

opens from 11:30 am to 11:00 pm. 

A very comfortable and spacious place to have food. 

A very classy restaurant with a great vibe and ambiance. 

It is known for its seafood and grills. 

Yes! they provide a self-fishing area to please and serve customers according to their choice. They have a long variety of starters and main courses. 

For starters, paneer Badami tikka is a worthy try for vegetarians and, of course, for non-vegetarians too.  

They are famous for their bun parotta, which is very delicious and has a soft pillow-like texture. 

Sultan of flavors is a worthy place to dine in.


Image Credits: Sudeesh P

3. N M R’s Uptown

NMR’s uptown is a very classic dine-in restaurant in Palakkad. 

Has a rich ambiance and ample parking area at Coimbatore Rd, near BharathMatha HSS,  Sahyadri Colony, Chandranagar Colony, Palakkad, Kerala 678007. 

Opens from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm; they provide a wide variety of vegetarian, non-vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options. 

South Indian, North Indian, Chinese, and Arabic cuisines are provided. Mutton, chicken, beef, paneer, noodles, and bread are available. A highly recommended place to visit.

Hasi’s kitchen

Image Credits: Tony Jose

4. Hasi’s Kitchen

A very good place to have food, very famous in Palakkad for its biryani which deserves a chef’s kiss. 

Located 10/243, P.C. tower, college road, Tharekkad, Palakkad, Kerala. It opens from 12 to 10. 

They provide Indian cuisine with yummy desserts. 

Their puddings are mouth-watering. 

Beef fry with porotta from hasi’s is a great combo (I know, right, we all know that beef and parotta  is Malayali’s emotion) 

Tharavadu Restaurant

Image Credits: Rizwan Richu

5. Tharavadu Restaurant

Located College Rd, Vinayaka colony, Palakkad, Kerala 678014. 

opens from 6 am to 11:30 pm. 

A good restaurant with good food.  

They serve varieties of rice items such as biryani, fried rice, Szechwan fried rice, etc. They also serve noodles, veg, nonveg, Arabic, and traditional yummy snacks.

Their parotta with chicken/beef is a must-try.

Indraprastha Restaurant

Image Credits: Indraprastha Restaurant

6. Indraprastha Restaurant

Indraprastha is the first 3-star rated hotel in Palakkad. 

A good place with a nice ambiance and good food. 

Located English Church Rd, Thayilpatti, Kenathuparambu, Kunathurmedu, Palakkad, Kerala  678001. 

They provide a park and dining facility. 

They serve us delicious South Indian breakfast. 

They provide us with Chinese, Indian, continental, and tandoori dishes. 

Veg fried rice+chilli gobi, chicken Chettinad, and mushroom Manchurian is a must-try. 8)London restaurant 

London bakes and grills are among Palakkad’s finest and most popular restaurants. Good place with good quality food and great service. 

They serve us delicious and fresh food.

They are famous for their shawarmas, rolls, and Italian and continental dishes. Their naan and paneer tikka are the best combos to try. 

they have a lot of desserts to try with varieties of ice creams and  

juices,falooda, pastries, mojito, cool milk, and lassi… 

Their rose milk is a must-try.

Hotel Royal Treat

Image Credits: Sudheep G

7. Hotel Royal Treat

Hotel royal treat in Palakkad is one of the good restaurants in Palakkad. It is famous for its alfahms and shawarma. 

They offer both veg and non-veg dishes. 

Located at tharekkad near Victoria college rd, opp Indian bank. Opens from 7:30 am to 11 pm. Their service is also good.

Best Veg Restaurants in Palakkad

Annalakshmi grand palakkad

Image Credits: Febin V Pathrose

8. Annalakshmi Grand Palakkad

Annalakshmi is the best restaurant with a good ambiance and ample parking area serving classy vegetarian food. 

Located Near trinity radiance hospital at Niranjan road Palakkad. 

Their special starters are honey chilly potato and baby corn golden fry.  

They provide breakfast, lunch, dinner, and brunch. 

They serve various soups, dosas, snacks, uthappams, and delicious main courses. Their Kashmiri pulav, paneer biryani, and veg biryani are also really good.

Kapilavasthu Restaurant Palakkad

Image Credits: Kapilavasthu Restaurant Palakkad

9. Kapilavasthu Restaurant Palakkad

Kapilavasthu is a must-visit 3-star hotel if you are looking for a veg restaurant with a great ambiance. 

They serve various traditional food, snacks, sweets, South Indian, soups, curry, juices, ice creams, salads, etc. 

Their traditional snacks are the best. 

Their phulka/porotte with mushroom masala is a great combination to try.

Best Shawarmas in Palakkad

Vox shawarma palakkad

Image Credits: Deepakrajeev SM

10. Vox Shawarma Palakkad

We love shawarma, right, aren’t we? 

Coming to the shawarma, we have a vox in Palakkad to try out many varieties of shawarma.

Located at opp. Bharatmata School, Chandranagar Colony, Palakkad, Kerala 678007. Their menu includes vox signature shawarma, classic shawarma, whole meat shawarma, Smokey bbq shawarma, puri Piri shawarma…  

Their smokey bbq shawarma is so good and highly recommended.

Arabian Restaurants in Palakkad

Arabian Grill and Fried Stadium

Image Credits: Arabian Grill and Fried Stadium

11. Arabian Grill and Fry Stadium Palakkad

Arabian grill and fry are great for their food and ambiance. 

It’s a restaurant serving us large Arabic dishes with great customer service. Their Mandhi,kabsa and Arabic fried chicken are a must-try. 

It is located at Niranjan rd, stadium bypass Palakkad.

Nalanda grill

Image Credits: Sreeram Raman

12. Nalanda Grill

A good restaurant with good food and a good ambiance. 

Located College Rd, near head Post Office, Parakkunnam, Palakkad. 

They serve us various dishes such as snacks, bread, rice, fried rice, alfahms, mandhi, Chinese, beef, mutton, chop suey, egg, soup, salad, shakes, Nalanda grill specials, tandoori chicken and shawarmas. 

So many to try. 

A must-visit place.

Seafood Restaurants in Palakkad

Kadal restaurant

Image Credits: Kadal Restaurant

13. Kadal Restaurant 

Yes, as the name says, it is a seafood restaurant that serves various seafood and other dishes.  

If you love fish and are a seafood lover, this place is for you. 

kadal has a great ambiance and good seating arrangements. 

They have a large menu to try on. 

biryani, soups, curry, etc  

Their nidhi porotta is worth trying.

Chemmeenz Seafood Restaurant

Image Credits: Aj

14. Chemmeenz Seafood Restaurant

Another place that serves a wide range of seafood dishes is Palakkad. 

They provide large varieties of dishes among seafood.

Prawns biryani, fish pothichoru,chemalli,karimeen,thilopia…. 

They also serve veg and other non-veg dishes. 

Their Kizhi porotta and kothu parotta are very delicious.

Cafe in Palakkad

Burger Tree palakkad

Image Credits: Burger Tree palakkad

15. Burger Tree palakkad

If you have a burger kink, burger tree is a must-visit place as it has different varieties and choices of burgers to try on. 

Burger tree Palakkad is located at 18/80, S.M. complex, College Rd, Tharekkad, Vinayaka colony,  Palakkad, Kerala 67800. 

They serve us large varieties of burgers within veg and non-veg. 

Juicy luicy chicken burger, tandoori chicken burger, honeydew chicken burger, beef burger, and so many choices are there in non veg.

Coming to veg, they offer varieties of choices too. 

Their Brooklyn veg burger is a worthy try. 

The bun they use for the burger is very soft and moist. 

They also provide desserts and ice creams.

Best Biryani in Palakkad

NMR Biryani House Palakkad

Image Credits: Shoukathali OP

16. NMR Biryani House Palakkad

NMR biryani-Noor Muhammad Ravuthar biryani, palakkad’s heart. 

It is one of the best delicious and yummy biryani. 

It differs from other biryani because both meat and rice are cooked together. 

They serve both veg and nonveg dishes. 

Their every biryani deserves special praise. NMR biryani house is located at 39/648, Harikkara street, Santhi Nagar, Sultanpet, Palakkad, Kerala. Opens from 10:30 am to 9:30 pm.

Best Kuzhimanthi Restaurant 

Smokey’s restaurant Palakkad

Image Credits: Smokey’s Restaurant Palakkad

17. Smokey’s Restaurant Palakkad

One of the top 10 restaurants in Palakkad. 

It’s popular for the best bbq dishes and Azrami kuzimandhi. 

Their kuzimandhi is one of the best in Palakkad. 

They serve delicious alfahms and broasted chicken. 

Their spicy lemon alfahm is a must-try. 

Located at Calicut bypass opposite bharathamatha CMI public school Palakkad. These are Some of the good restaurants among restaurants in Palakkad.

Hope you found this helpful and enjoy eating your favorites according to your taste.

Have a great time filling your tummies with your loved ones.

There are many good restaurants in Palakkad Coimbatore highway, and it can be hard to decide where to go first to explore some good foods.

Some of the most popular tourist attractions in Palakkad are the Palakkad Fort, Dhoni Waterfall, Kanjirapuzha, and Jain Temple.

If you’re looking for a place to relax and escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, Palakkad is the perfect destination for you! 

If you’re looking for more restaurant reviews, make sure to follow mykeralafood.