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5 Best Restaurants in Calicut Beach

Best 5 Delectable Restaurants in Calicut BeachWritten by Ayisha Rana Tuesday, September 27 2022facebookinstagrampinterestIf you are on the search for some amazing restaurants in calicut beach that serve delicious food, then you might have come to the right place. Food...

10 Best Restaurants in Marine Drive, Kochi

10 Best Restaurants in Marine Drive, KochiWritten by Neha C Saturday, September 17 2022facebookinstagrampinterestMarine drive is a most attractive and beautiful heavenly place that faces towards the backwaters of Kochi. The Marine Drive in Kochi is as picturesque just...

7 Best Restaurants in Guruvayoor

Best 7 Flavourful Restaurants in GuruvayoorWritten by Akhila C Peter Wednesday, September 14 2022facebookinstagrampinterestAre you planning to visit Guruvayoor? If so, you may be wondering which restaurants to try. In this blog, we'll look at some of the best non and...

7 Best Restaurants in Chavakkad

7 Best Restaurants in ChavakkadWritten by Akhila C Peter Tuesday, September 13 2022facebookinstagrampinterestIf you're a foodie who likes to explore new places, there's no need to think twice – take a drive to Chavakkad! Chavakkad is a beautiful beach town in...

7 Best Restaurants in Panoor

7 Best Restaurants in PanoorWritten by Zurura Thazneem Tuesday, September 13 2022facebookinstagrampinterestPanoor is a small town in Kannur, Kerala that can be easily explored in a day. Because it's small, there aren't many things to do and attractions to visit. ...

7 Best Restaurants in Iritty

7 Top Restaurants in IrittyWritten by Zurura Thazneem Friday September 08 2022facebookinstagrampinterestIritty is a beautiful hillside town located in north Malabar, Kerala. The city has stunning scenery, including unique rivers, streams, green hills and valleys. The...

7 Best Restaurants in Thalassery

7 Best Restaurants in ThalasseryWritten by Zurura Thazneem Wednesday, August 24 2022facebookinstagrampinterestTable of Contents Best Restaurants in Thalassery 1. Paris Restaurant Thalassery 2. Raravis Thalassery 3. Lafair Restaurant Thalassery 4. Caravan Arabic...

21 Best Restaurants in Fort Kochi

Best 21 Restaurants in Fort KochiWritten by Varsha M Sunday, August 14 2022facebookinstagrampinterestBest… Best…. Best… only the Best Restaurants… Guys, I know what you are thinking about me now that I am mad or not. Ha…. ha… nothing like that. I am just recollecting...

5 Best Restaurants in Sulthan Bathery

Best 5 Luscious Restaurants in Sulthan BatheryWritten by Varsha M Sunday, August 07 2022facebookinstagrampinterestHow are you foodies? Hope you all doing well... Stay safe and healthy… Let me know how many of you are in diet now? I know it's an uncomfortable question...

Top 7 Restaurants in Kakkanad

Kakkanad... It has some of the best restaurants in the town. From the traditional Malabar biriyani to the seafood dishes that Kerala is known for... The city has some of the finest restaurants in Ernakulam. One of the favorite foods in Kerala, especially in Kakkanad...

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