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Restaurants in aluva

18 Best Restaurants in Aluva (Veg, Non-Veg & More)

Written by Salwa Wednesday, December 21 2022

Aluva situated near Kochi is one of the major cities in Kerala.

It is also the nearest city to Cochin international airport in Nedumbassery.

There are many spots that tourists can visit such as temples, palaces, etc.

Aluva has also known for its rich food culture. There are varieties of foods that you will love.

Kerala food, Arabian restaurants, Chinese restaurants, North Indian restaurants, and seafood restaurants are available. 

There is a wide variety of restaurants in Aluva. If you are a fan of traditional Kerala food it’s also available in the hotels near you.

Aluva always welcomes you to its culture through food and people.

If you are not a fan of dining out, you can always order through Zomato or Swiggy. 

Best Non-Veg Restaurants in Aluva

Kaali Meeri

Image Credits: Kaali Meeri

1. Kaali Meeri

4.4 ratings 

Located in Kadathukadavu Rd, Bank Junction, Aluva 

Open from 11 am to 10 pm 

Cuisines – Indian, Arabian, Chinese 

Popular food items 

  • Veg Kathi Roll Combo 
  • Chicken Kathi Roll Combo 
  • Murg Musallam Combo 

The cooked chicken, Murg Musallam and Kebabs are must try here. 

Rainfall Restaurant

Image Credits: Rainfall Restaurant

2. Rainfall Restaurant

5.0 ratings 

Opposite Karothukuzhi Hospital, Aluva 

Open from 7 am to 10 pm 

Cuisines – Arabian, Chinese, South Indian 

The restaurant is known for its food, ambiance, and staff services. If you are looking for a best restaurants in Aluva with a good ambiance then this is it. 

Sulthan Veedu Restaurant

Image Credits: Sulthan Veedu Restaurant

3. Sulthan Veedu Restaurant

4.0 ratings 

Located in Madasseri building, Thaikkattukara, Aluva 

Opens from 11 am to 11 pm 

Cuisines – Indian, Lebanese, Asian 

The lighting and ambiance will make you come again. With spacious and neat dining area with amazing food is worth your money. 


  • Thalassery Mutton Biriyani 
  • Thalassery Beef Biriyani 
  • Chatti choru Mix 
  • Pothi Biriyani Chicken 
  • Squid Rings 
  • Fish Finger 
  • Dragon Paneer
Iftar Restuarant

Image Credits: Midhun Sasi

4. Iftar Restaurant

3.8 ratings 

Bank Junction, Karshakashree, Aluva 

Open from 7 am to 12:30 pm 

Cuisines – South Indian, Kerala, Arabian, 

If you are looking for Malabar food restaurants then this is it. They provide varieties of snacks and desserts with the main course. 

Special foods

  • Kabsa 
  • Chicken Biriyani 
  • Chicken Leg Fry
  • Beef Pepper
Pathirakozhi Restaurant

Image Credits: Robin Arakal

5. Pathirakozhi Restaurant Aluva

4.5 ratings 

Located at Kunnathery Thikavu, Aluva 

Open from 12 pm to 2 am 

A restaurant with good food and ambiance. 


  • Kuzhimandi 
  • Peri Peri Alfaham Manthi 
  • Creamy Alfaham 
  • Chicken Tikka 
  • Beef Ribs Mandi 

Vegetarian Restaurants in Aluva

Shenoy’s Pure Veg Hotel

Image Credits: Shenoy’s Pure Veg Hotel

6. Shenoy’s Pure Veg Hotel

4.2 ratings 

Located at Parat Ln, near Pulinchodu, Aluva 

Open from 8 am to 9 pm 

A good place for vegetarian foods in Aluva. North Indian and South Indian breakfast and meals are available. They serve with good quality. 


  • Shenoy’s Special Masala Dosa 
  • Meals 
  • Poori Masala 
  • Paneer Dosa 
  • Hakka Noodles 
  • Chilli Gopi Dry 
Surya Restaurant

Image Credits: J R

7. Surya Restaurant

3.9 ratings 

Located at Salem Kochi National Highway, Pulincode Junction, Aluva 

Opens from 10 am to 10 pm 

Cuisines – Indian, Asian 

It’s a vegetarian-friendly hotel you can enjoy. They serve hot food.


  • Veg Thali Meals 
  • Thai Veg Fried Rice 
  • Mix Veg Chilli 
  • Mushroom 
Annapoorna Family Restaurant

Image Credits: Rajesh Ramachandran

8. Annapoorna Family Restaurant

4.0 ratings 

Annapoorna Lane, Bank Junction, Aluva 

Opens from 7 am to 9 pm 

Cuisines – Indian 

It’s a pure veg hotel in Aluva. They offer a variety of tasty food. 


  • Masala Dosa 
  • Special Thali 
  • Bhatura 
  • Poori Masala 
  • Uzhunnuvada 
Sri MU Saravana Bhavan

Image Credits: Abhilash

9.  Sri MU Saravana Bhavan

3.9 ratings 

Located at Kadathukulam Buildings, Aluva 

Opens from 7 am to 11.59 pm 

Cuisines – North Indian, South Indian 

They serve fresh and tasty food. Good dining place and services. Delicious vegetarian specials are available. 


  • Paper Masala Dosa 
  • Ghee Roast 
  • Paneer Porotta 
  • Channa Bhatura 
  • Veg Pulao

Arabic Cuisine Restaurants in Aluva

Beithal Manthi Arabic Restaurant

Image Credits: Sibin Thomas

10. Beithal Manthi Arabic Restaurant

3.3 ratings 

Located at A.M building, Railway Station Road, Aluva 

Opens from 11 am to 11 pm 

Cuisine – Middle Eastern 

They provide varieties of Manthi. 


  • Chicken Mandi 
  • Alfaham Mandi 
  • Kanthari Chicken Mandi 
Al Taza

Image Credits: Al Taza

11. Al Taza

4.3 Ratings

Located on the Ground floor, Radhani Developers, Pulinchodu junction, Aluva 

Opens from 1 am to 12 pm 

Cuisine – Middle Eastern 

A nice place to have tasty shawarma. 


  • Shawarma Rolls 
  • Shawarma Burger 
  • Falafel Plate 
  • Blue Curacao 
Café Fiesta

Image Credits: Café Fiesta

12. Café Fiesta

4.6 ratings 

At metro pillar no, periyar nagar, Aluva 

Opens from 11 am to 12 am 

Cuisine – Middle Eastern 

The food here is worth the money. They have good service and various delicious food.


  • Shawarma 
  • Mojitos 
  • Kandari Alfaham 
  • Shezwan Momo
Arabian HUD HUD

Image Credits: Arabian HUD HUD

13. Arabian HUD HUD

4.5 Ratings 

At Muppathadam Kadungalloor Millupadi, Edayar, Aluva 

Opens from 12 to 11:30 pm 

Cuisine- Middle Eastern 

Arabian HUD HUD is well known for its delicious Arabian food in Aluva.

 The food here is tasty and affordable. 


  • Spicey Fish Alfaham 
  • Afghani Kabab 
  • Mandi 
  • Fish Mandi 

Chinese Cuisine Restaurants in Aluva

Cheng Chopsticks

Image Credits: Cheng Chopsticks

14. Cheng Chopsticks

4.2 ratings 

Located at Royal Plaza Building, Bypass Junction, Aluva 

Opens from 11 am to 11 pm

Cuisine – Chinese 

It’s the best Chinese restaurant in Aluva. It provides a hygienic and ambient atmosphere with good food. 


  • Chicken Lollipop 
  • Momos 
  • American Chopsuey 
  • Chicken Manchow Soup 
  • Hakka Noodles 
  • Dragon Soup Chicken 
AlSaj Kitchen

Image Credits: Naufal P M

15. Alsaj Kitchen

4.1 ratings 

Located at Minerva Garden, thottumugham, Aluva 

Opens at 12 to 11 pm 

Cuisine – Chinese, Indian 

A good place to enjoy Chinese food with a nice ambiance.

It serves awesome food. You can enjoy food with good lighting and music. 


  • Octopus Fry 
  • Octopus Tawa Fry 
  • Beef Ran Manthi 
  • Chattichoru Mix Non-Veg
Hot Work

Image Credits: Sidhu S

16. Hot Wok

3.3 ratings 

Salem Kochi Kanyakumari Highway, Paravoor, Aluva 

Opens at 8.30 am to 12 am 

Cuisine – Chinese, Indian 

It is a beautiful restaurant with delicious food. 


  • American Chopsuey 
  • Veg Fried Rice 
  • Veg Balls 
  • Seafood

North Indian Cuisine Restaurants

Mallus Dhabha

Image Credits: Abhishek Babu

17. Mallus Dhabha

4.0 ratings 

Located at thoottakkatukara, Aluva 

Opens at 11 am to 12 am 

Cuisine – North Indian 

Good food for an average price. Varieties of north Indian dishes.


  • Veg Meals 
  • Butter Naan 
  • Tandoori Chicken 
  • Seafood 
  • Daal Makhani 
Hotel Kammath’s Inn

Image Credits: Vipin S

18. Hotel Kammath’s Inn

3.6 ratings 

Located at Parur Junction, Kochi 

Opens at 7.30 am to 9.30 pm 

Cuisine – North Indian 

It’s a good hotel to have north Indian and veg food. 


  • Paneer Biriyani 
  • Ghee Dosa 
  • Mushroom 65 
  • Bhel Puri 
  • Special Kammath Dosa

These are the few restaurants in Aluva that you will love to try out.

You can enjoy dining in and takeaway with your family or friends.

You can make your trip wonderful with the best dishes in town.

In there are plenty of places you can eat, and having it shortlisted like this make your decision helpful.

Aluva is a great place to enjoy some scenic views. The Periyar River flows through Aluva, providing some beautiful scenery.

The Shiva Temple and Seminary Church are both worth a visit for religious tourists. The Marthanda Varma Bridge is also worth checking out for its views of Aluva.

Don’t miss the chance to explore new food varieties and places in Aluva!

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