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Top 7 Best Restaurants in Kakkanad

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It has some of the best restaurants in the town.

From the traditional Malabar biriyani to the seafood dishes that Kerala is known for…

The city has some of the finest restaurants in Ernakulam.

One of the favorite foods in Kerala, especially in Kakkanad is no other than the biriyani.

You will find different types of biriyani all over the city.

You will find the tastes, the ingredients and the spices used to cook the biriyani vary from one place to another.

But biriyani is always delicious.

This blog will look at some of the best restaurants in Kakkanad and why they are worth a try.

7 Best Restaurants in Kakkanad

Alakapuri Restaurant Kakkanad

Infopark Road Near Civil Station Kakkanad, Kochi, Kerala 682030


Veg & Non-Veg


  • Alakapuri is a famous restaurant in Kakkanad.
  • This hotel is really good on delicious food
  • Alakapuri hotel serves good foods in Indian, Chinese and North Indian dishes.
  • Whenever you visit, you should taste the dishes like Non, and veg items.
  • It opens from 6.30 am to 11.30 PM.
  • You can easily locate the restaurant as it is near to the civil station.
  • It must be a best restaurants in Kakkanad to visit and try yummy foods.
  • And with very tasty food with normal rate and good service.
  • Menu of alakapuri restaurant kakkanad are from Indian, Chinese, tea coffee, black tea, puttu, Parotta, variety dosa, chicken variety, biriyani, dal veg, and rice are available.
  • The ambiance of the restaurant is really good for kids and for a foodie like us.
  • And Alkapuri restaurant kakkanad are offering late-night food and vegetarian options.
  • This is perhaps the busiest restaurant in and around Kakkanad.
  • The price is affordable to everyone.
  • Takeout, seating and table service options are available.
  • The food delivery is taken fast by them to make the customers happy.
  • The Staff is looking good and polite, and the working tendency is really great.
  • There is no space for parking in the hotel.
  • The overall rating for the restaurant is 4.3.

Alakapuri hotel Kakkanad contact number: +918086333627

Nellikka Restaurant Kakkanad

S.R.Heights complex, Rajagiri Valley Road, Infopark Expy, Kakkanad


Veg & Non-Veg


  • Nellikka restaurant kakkanad serves cuisines like South Indian and traditional foods.
  • The special recipe of Nellikka restaurant is kanji with beef.
  • Rice porridge and tea are also available.
  • The variety of pickles made it so good to eat.
  • The food in the restaurant is more economic.
  • Monday to Sunday from 9.00 Am to 9.30 Pm. 
  • Traditional food in good ambiance and quality, 
  • Must visit for a beautiful, peaceful, and comfortable restaurants near kakkanad.
  • Kanji with beef
  • Rice porridge and tea
  • Chicken biryani
  • Beef biryani
  • Beef roast
  • Chicken curry
  • Egg roast, and chicken roast are available at affordable costs.
  • Nellikka restaurant kakkanad and the place is too good.
  • The songs they played and the wall paintings are the most beautiful in the restaurant.
  • The book library is available on the site.
  • To refresh your mind, there are good number of books.
  • The atmosphere is casual and cozy.
  • Cool atmosphere, simple place and tottally a peaceful place.
  • Take away, and dine-in options are available in the restaurant.
  • There is no Wheelchair-accessible entrance in this restaurant.
  • Good for kids and the crowd.
  • Payments are made by Debit cards, Google Pay, and Mobile Wallets.
  • You can avail home delivery service from the restaurant.
  • However, do confirm if the service is free or paid. You can make payment via card or cash also.
  • The Staff are great and friendly.
  • They are polite and respectful
  • Happy and comfortable faces to visitors.
  • And behavior is also good.
  • The parking place is available for 3 to 4 vehicles.
  • Overall rating is 4.1 out of 5.

Nellikka restaurant kakkanad: +919946718674

Diwan's Durbar Kakkanad

Infopark Rd, opp. Civil Station, Echamuku, Kakkanad


Veg & Non-Veg


  • One of the best restaurants in Kakkanad.
  • You can easily locate the establishment as it is opposite to Civil Station.
  • Diwan’s durbar kakkanad provide south indian food, bread, roti, rice, egg varieties, starters non-veg, soups both veg and non-veg, noodles, north indian curry and mains (both vegetarian and non-veg are available)
  • Beverages, and desserts are provided in this restaurant.
  • The restaurant serves Chinese, South Indian, North Indian, Kerala, Breakfast, Multicuisine, Tandoori, Fast Food.
  • When dining at this restaurant, you must order Veg Fried Rice, Appam, Kerala Parotta, Naan, Dal Tadka Fry.
  • This place is the best family north indian restaurants near infopark kakkanad
  • The best ambiance is the great peace of the people.
  • In Diwans Durbar, the best ambiance is available.
  • You can avail home delivery service from the restaurants at kakkanad.
  • However, do confirm if the service is free or paid.
  • Good restaurant with a good place of 100 seating.
  • All you can explore, kids’ menu, late-night food, and Vegetarian options.
  • Good for kids, high chairs and toilets are provided.
  • The atmosphere is casual and cozy.
  • Takeout, Seating, and Delivery are available.
  • Reservations and Table Service are provided.
  • Good quality food is provided.
  • Serving time is great in the Diwan durbar.
  • Wheelchair-accessible seating is provided. 
  • Payments are made by Debit cards, Google Pay and Mobile Wallets.
  • The Staff working there is good at their work.
  • And make the customers happy with the service.
  • Parking is available.
  • 4.1 out of 5

Diwan’s durbar kakkanad:- 089433 39991

Monsoon Days Restaurant Kakkanad

Kuzhikkattumoola, Kusumagiri, Kakkanad


Veg & Non-Veg


  • Monsoon days kakkanad is a feeling of good culinary experience born in the lap of western ghats, which reflects the traditional foods with a modern twist.
  • They ensure the greatest taste and quality by using the finest ingredients and especially skilled chefs.
  • The timing for the restaurant is from Monday to Sunday from 12.00 pm to 12 am.
  • The best place to make comfortable dining in Kakkanad.
  • monsoon days restaurant kakkanad menu are Veg, Chicken, Beef, Fish and Veg Grill are provided in this Restaurant.
  • The menu contains Chinese food, starters, salads, soups, puttu, bread, rice, noodles, chop suey, and desserts are available.
  • Dining options like Lunch, Dinner, Dessert, and Seating are provided.
  • The wonderful dining place with great ambiance. One of the best places regarding the ambiance.
  • Good for kids and the crowd. The atmosphere is casual and cozy.
  • Delivery, Takeout, Reservations, Private Dining, Seating are provided.
  • Digital Payment and Accepts Credit Cards can be used to pay the bill. 
  • Late-night food is provided.
  • Good staff makes a good place.
  • Likewise, the staff makes the place good.
  • The politeness of the serving food by them makes everyone happy and comfortable.
  • Parking Available, Validated Parking, and Free off-street Parking are available.
  • The overall rating for the Monsoon days restaurant kakkanad is 4.3 out of 5.
  • Monsoon Days & Slice Of Spice Restaurant:- 070255 19319

The Voyager (24/7)

Seaport Airport Road, Kochi


Veg & Non-Veg

  • The voyager (24/7) Kakkanad is one of the good restaurants in kakkanad
  • You can easily locate the establishment as it is close to the Near TV Centre.
  • The establishment is functional from Monday to Sunday.
  • Opens 24 hours daily.
  • A place with quality burgers, steaks, and milkshakes.
  • Their signature dish Bargasm is very good.
  • Must visit the place in Kakkanad.
  • The restaurant serves desserts, Chinese, North Indian, Italian, Indian, Continental, Breakfast, Fast Food, Steak.
  • When dining at this restaurant, you must order Brownie Shake, Sandwich, Voyager Legendary Burger, The Voyager Legendary Burger, Pasta, etc.
  • The voyager kakkanad and the facilities available in the restaurant are good.
  • A family-friendly place with great music, good lighting and layout. 
  • The atmosphere is casual and cozy.
  • It’s good for kids and groups.
  • The toilet is available.
  • The place was clean and hygienic.
  • The restaurant is good to visit and a damn cool place.
  • Free Wi-Fi accessibility while dining at the venue is available.
  • You can avail home delivery service from the restaurant.
  • However, do confirm if the service is free or paid.
  • Offerings like Halal food, Kids’ menu, Late-night food, and Vegetarian options are available.
  • The payments can be done by debit card and mobile wallet.
  • The Staffs are very friendly and cooperative.
  • Free parking is available at the restaurant.
  • The disadvantage is that there is no parking space for four-wheelers.
  • You must find your own parking space on the service road.
  • 3.9 out of 5.
  • The voyager kakkanad:- 096562 47247

Palaaram Restaurant Kakkanad

Seethys Tower, Seaport-Airport Rd, Vallathol Junction, Thrikkakara


Veg & Non Veg


  • Palaaram kakkanad provides the best quantity and quality with affordable price.
  • The price is an affordable and good restaurant in Kakkanad.
  • Palaaram kakkanad menu offers dry, fried curries, roast, starters, smokey bones, the carnivorous tandoor platter, al faham platter, smoothies, and sweets, etc… 
  • The place was good and looked great.
  • The place was cleaned, and maintenance was great.
  • One of the cute little places with a nice ambiance.
  • Nice atmosphere and delicious snacks and baked goods to choose from palaram restaurant kakkanad.
  • Extra seats in the basement restaurant.
  • Recommend this place to have a late-night meal.
  • The restaurant is casual and cozy
  • Good for kids and friends. 
  • Take away the barrier-free access that is available because it is on the main road.
  • Wheelchair-accessible entrance is not available. Dining options: Dessert.
  • Mobile Wallets make payments.
  • The service by the staff is great.
  • Space is limited, but the staff makes the customers feel better.
  • Parking spaces are limited, so you need to park on open roads.
  • The overall rating is 4.1 for this restaurant.
  • Palaaram restaurant kakkanad:- 098465 75059

Pandari's Biriyani Kakkanad

Opp Civil Station, Kakkanad, Kochi


Veg & Non-Veg


  • Pandaris kakkanad serves cuisines like Kerala biryani, and Fast Food.
  • When dining at this restaurant, you must order Biryani.
  • You can avail home delivery service from the restaurant.
  • However, do confirm if the service is free or paid.
  • The restaurant can easily locate as it is close to Near Park Residency. 
  • They don’t have a wide range of items on their Menu Card.
  • The eatery mainly emphasizes their unique style of biriyani,
  • popularly known as the Pandari’s biriyani.
  • Must visit the Restaurants in Kakkanad.
  • Pandaris biriyani menu includes Chicken Biriyani, Mutton Biriyani, Beef Biriyani, Fish Biriyani, Egg Biriyani, Veg Biriyani, Ghee Rice, Beef Roast, Chicken Fry, and Fresh Lime.
  • There is nothing much to say about the ambiance.
  • It’s a small eatery shop with 4-5 tables (not sure exactly, though).
  • The place was quiet when I visited as I was the only guest at that time.
  • Offerings on the Kids’ menu. Good for kids.
  • The atmosphere is Casual in the Restaurant.
  • Groups can also be seated in this restaurant.
  • Pandari’s biriyani kakkanad restaurant can make payments Via Cash, Master Card, Debit Cards, Cheques, and Credit Card.
  • Service options: Delivery, Takeaway, and Dine-in are provided.
  • The service was good and quick.
  • And the staff maintenance was good.
  • Parking space is an issue here as we have to park our vehicles sides of the main road or nearby the restaurants.
  • The overall rating is 4.0 for this restaurant.
  • If you want to try delicious biriyani, Pandari’s is the best biryani restairants in kochi
  • Pandari’s Biriyani:- 098954 06422

You know what?

All the food that I have just tasted here is exceptionally delicious.

If you’re looking for a place to eat that has a huge selection, great prices, and exceptional food, you’ve found it!

I was really excited when I tried these restaurants before Covid19, but I still miss those tastes.

So, I thought to give some lists that I know about the best food in kakkanad.

I would like to share a few of my own favorite restaurants with you next time.

Enjoy and explore the variety of restaurants in Kakkanad.

After you come here, make sure to leave us a review to let us know what you think.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

I love to hear from a foodie like you!

C u soon.