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Restaurants in sulthan bathery

Best 5 Luscious Restaurants in Sulthan Bathery

Varsha M

Written by Varsha M Sunday, August 07 2022

How are you foodies?

Hope you all doing well… Stay safe and healthy…

Let me know how many of you are in diet now?

I know it’s an uncomfortable question to ask to Foodies. Are you struggling to control diet? 

If so, Cheers to you… Because I’m also tried a lot to control diet. After decided to go for diet, I made a food chart and obviously hard but I trained my mind. Then the real challenge starts. 

From the next day onwards, my mom prepare her special dishes and used to buy snacks I love. Even though its tempting I controlled my self. 

I set my mind by chanting, control I’m in diet… control I’m in diet… 

From that time we realise its not that much easy to control. To get lost from thinking of food, I tried to watch tv but I don’t know the thing happens is I can only see cookery shows. Chiken… beef… ice creams… snacks… even in sports channels also shows ads of foods and foods. 

When you open whatsapp or instagaram they too shares status and notifications of foods. Feel like God, Why me!

Tell me guys how far can I control…? And the funny part is we get blind and the stuffs around us seen as foods… you don’t believe but its true because I have seen my wall clock as porotta… 

Finally if i find peace while sleeping. I woke by seeing noght mare like I cant find egg in the egg puffs… yeah its horrible…

Whenever I thought about diet… Foods be like: Ha.. Ha.. Ha.. so for me I have only to options to choose one is to eat and another is also to eat… booooyaaaa…

So without any delay I broke my diet and followed my heart. My heart leads me to the fridge. So my diet ends up by seafoods… sorry guys by see foods…. ha ha…

Are you guys like this? If so I won’t wonder because it’s the fact that food is always our weakness.

If you are in diet, let me introduce some of the best weakness of restaurants in sulthan bathery to broke your diet. Follow me guys…

Best 5 Restaurants in Sulthan Bathery

Wilton hotel and restaurant sulthan bathery

Image Credits: Wilton Hotel and Restaurant 

1. Wilton Hotel and Restaurant

Its easy to find the location because the hotel is in the national highway in Dottappankulam.

This is the best restaurants in sulthan bathery where we can experience luxury services. Warm and restful place for singles and family.

I wondered about their varieties of foods. Unending list includes kudukka biriyani, kunafa, alfaham biriyani, chattichore, erachi chore, pothi biriyani are special dishes. They offer veg and non vegetarian dishes. Local cuisine, sea foods also. 

As a Hotel come Restaurant they provide 24 hour service. Free high speed Wi-Fi, A/C and Non A/C rooms and celebration area.

On-site and under cover parking is available. If you are looking for great food, great service and good value of money? I would whole heartedly recommend Wilton restaurant in Sulthan Bathery. Best reviewed and rated 4.7/5. 

Jubilee restaurant sulthan bathery

Image Credits: Jubilee Restaurant

2. Jubilee Restaurant Sulthan Bathery

Jubilee Restaurant located in the heart of Sultan Bathery. Its in main road so travellers can easily notice. 

They had casual and cosy atmosphere. Family friendly and great hospitality.

Chiken biriyani, beef biriyani, kizhi porotta, mushroom fried rice, fish biriyani, prawn masala, chiken mandi, Brownie with ice creams are special menu and exotic cuisines, kids menu and late night foods are available.

There is no contact delivery available. We can take away or dine in available. And they accepts reservations also. 

Staffs are too pleasing and professionals. This is the very popular place among locale, so crowded during peak hours, so you may  experience some waiting time. To entertain they fixed TV in hall. 

Comparatively they had enough parking at the rear which is more convenient for motorists. 

They get appreciated for good hospitality and affordable dishes. Variety of cuisines, snacks counter is there so we can enjoy the local Kerala bits and take away. They serve customers well in peak hours also that’s why they rated for 4.1/5

The walnut cakes sulthan bathery

Image Credits: The Walnut Cakes

3. Walnut Cakes Bathery

Lets try some snacks guys. Walnut bakery and cake shop located on the high way side.

It’s a coffee shop best for their cakes. All varieties of cakes are available. Salty caramel cake, plum cakes, Vanjo, pastries are major attractions.

Good service and staffs. Delivery, take away and in store shopping provided. Normal parking area won’t disappoint you.

Customers reviewed as it’s the great place for cakes and hand made chocolates but little bit expensive. So about rating is 3.9/5

Mint flower restaurant sulthan bathery

Image Credits: Mint Flower Restaurant 

4. Mintflower Residency Wayanad

People who are traveling to Ooty can easily find this residency because its in national highway of Chungam.

Clean and pleasant atmosphere. They are famous for their Shawarma, Beef, ghee rice, fish curry, veg meals, paneer chilli and chicken dum. It’s a busy hotel in the evening because their snacks are so special. Arabic dishes are also available.

As one of the best restaurants in sulthan bathery, they provide the best service and no contact delivery available. Good staff make customer comfortable. Availability of private car parking. Customers reviews are good food and nice people.

Best customer service and have ample parking space. For their services they rated as 4.1/5.

Udupi hotel wayanad

Image Credits: Anoop V

5. Udupi Hotel Wayanad

Listen vegetarians. If you are looking for pure vegetarian restaurants in sulthan bathery, it’s the best place to visit. 

Purely vegetarian friendly, vegan options for breakfast lunch and dinner. 

No wheel chair accessibility. Their services starts at 7am and ends in 10pm. Spacious for parking. Best customer service provided.

Even though variety of foods are less, but available foods are worth for price. And its highly recommend for vegetarians. They rated as 3.5/5

After a great food time, lets go to explore Sultan Bathery.

How many of you know that Sultan Bathery was early known as Ganapathivattom?

Yes dears… the place owes its new name of the ruler Tipu Sultan. He used the town as the store room or battery for his ammunition. So later the place known as Sultan Bathery. Which is corrected from of Sultan’s Battery.

If you are traveling through Sultan’s Battery you can charge your battery with delicious foods.

Besides its history, Sultan Bathery is known for its magnificent beauty. Lush green hills, cool climate is suitable for an ideal holiday. Jain temple was so attractive and the town is also a shoppers paradise. 

Finally guys as we already discussed, please don’t take stupid decision like dieting. Because, as a foodie we cant do it. 

Its not true that, “ nothing is impossible”. Trust me guys I’m telling you with my experience that there is something always impossible. 

For me its my crave for food and traveling….

Wait.. Read our restaurants in Kalpetta too if you are planning to visit there 😀

Anyway I’m sure one day you’ll get to know the this I was said is right with your experiences. Then you will break your diet and make a drive to restaurants in sulthan bathery, wayanad…. Make your life combined with the magic of traveling and food.

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