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Restaurants in Calicut Beach

Best 5 Delectable Restaurants in Calicut Beach

Written by Ayisha Rana Tuesday, September 27 2022

If you are on the search for some amazing restaurants in calicut beach that serve delicious food, then you might have come to the right place.

Food is an inevitable thing in our life and food brings people together as a way to stay connected, learn about cultures, and provide comfort by eating together.

So,let me ask you a question..!

Where do you prefer when you get a chance to select a food spot that serves luscious foods?

For a lot of people, it’s a simple question to answer, but honestly there are so many different places that it’s hard to choose just one.

Everyone’s tastes are different and everyone has their own preferences, but there are some restaurants that have food that tastes great no matter who’s eating it.

I have spent a lot of time in restaurants, and I thought it was time to list some of the best restaurants that I have had the pleasure of patronizing.

Here is a blog that will tell you about five amazing food spots that I suggest you visit as soon as possible. Hopefully you will be as happy as me when you visit these restaurants.

What You Will Discover:

5 Best Restaurants in Calicut Beach

No matter how much you try to keep healthy lifestyle, you are likely to know at least two or three foodies.

Foodies don’t care much about the health part, they only care about the varieties of food they consume–and how great it tastes.

With that being said, foodies would do almost anything to get their hands on something unique and delicious.

You might ask: What makes a place special and delicious?

The answer is a wide range of delicious food items and dishes, just like the ones listed in the blog. 

Kuttichira Biriyani Center (KBC) - Beach

1. Kuttichira Biriyani Center

If you’re a fan of biriyani, then this is the best biriyani restaurants in calicut beach to try.

It is one of the newest biriyani spot in Calicut, but still you can try the best out there.

There is no over powering of spices in biriyanis which makes their biriyani taste to next level.

Not only beef biriyani, but also they serve chicken biriyani and other palatable dishes are ghee rice, beef stew and beef guntur.

All of these items were so amazing and lipsmacking. Their beef stew had different flavour from usual beef stew and was less spicy.

It tastes well with ghee rice. It is a good option for those who dont like spicy food.

If you are a spicy food lover u would like their beef guntur with ghee rice than beef stew, It is the most spiciest and amazingly delicious among sides.

The masala of beef guntur was very different and flavour was a stand out flavour. There were a lot of dried chillies in it.

Eventhough it was spicy the flavour of the curry was well balanced as none of the ingredients or spices was over powering.

All the items they serve are very delicious, aromatic and are great in their quantities as well.

The Price for all the items was reasonable and price to quantity proportion was great.

It is small place. Go early to beat the crowd.

Parking will be mess as this is situated on side of a narrow road, but you don’t have to worry about it, there is a pay and park option nearby the restaurant.

The Shap Restaurant Foods

2.The Shap Restaurant

If you want to have a different experience and an exceptional vibe, this is the best choice.

They have created a nice ambience of a vintage feel and they have novel ways of presenting the food items.

It is a great place to try out new things. The way they serve food is unique.

Must try on the food and drink surprises with different kind of serving style that are not on the menu, ask the waiter staff on these special menu and drinks that are truly instagramable.

Check out some dishes/juices that come with a side of theatrics like the Fish Tawa Fry, The ICU (Green Apple + Grape), the Chakka Manga Thenga (Jackfruit + Mango + Coconut), and they also had delicious seafood dishes.

The most best selling item seems to be the non-veg meals though. They do not serve any alcohol here but the service is rather fast and one more speciality is they serve Kanjivellam instead of water.

Staffs were so polite and the pricing was also reasonable but little bit high and I recommend this spot for the one who loves to taste the spicy and flavoured toddy-bar kinda delicacies.

Please note that Parking availability will be an issue, but I can assure you that you can have a good experience here.


Kadalas Cafe Calicut

Image Credits: Anand K Viswanath 

3. Kadalas Cafe

This is one of the best place to eat tasty food while relaxing and chatting.

It gets crowded towards evening and might get hard to get a table.

The aesthetics is well planned and developed.

The location and the architecture of the place will standout in memory.

The ambiance is very welcoming and atmosphere is chill and cool and the staff are also really friendly.

The sea side view is just beautiful and the positive vibe, you will get at this cafe is really nice.

Worth a visit. The presentation and the service was great, and the food and the drinks are also commendable.

Their spicy chicken wings and pasta are a must try. Also their fries Sipping onto their drinks and enjoying the view of the ocean will be a great experience.

The hot chocolate was too thick however the quality of chocolate used was good. This place is certainly recommend for it’s overall ambience.

Menu is little pricey but worth the ambience.

You could give 4-5 star for the ambience. It’s a great place to hangout with your friends and family, You could view and feel the sea from here.

Best time to visit is between 4PM to 9PM.

Thakkaaram Restaurant Calicut

Image Credits: Salman Faris Kizhissery (FARi) 

5. Thakkaaram Restaurant Calicut

Good food. Good taste. 

Thakkaaram is an iconic name among foodies. It has lot of other branches around kerala and it opened recently in Kozhikode beach road.

The seating and ambience is really good. Besides the good food they serve, their hospitality is amazing.

Good spacing for families, friends or couples. They welcome us with a small glass of buttermilk. It attaract plenty of customers.

Restaurant have good attire and ambiance. They used retro theme here. Usually need to wait for getting seated. Seating capacity are limited for peak times.

Varieties of dishes are available. The rice items and fish items are really good. There were very small number of vegetarian items but the kurma was very nice with the Kerala porotta.

Their seafood platter is just a lit and they also serve Kallappam, beef cheriyulli and chicken items.

A sulaimani at the end will be satisfactory, it hit all the right spots after the heavy meal. 

The staffs are friendly and well-behaved. The price is a bit towards the high end but I think the food + the ambience is worth the expense. 

Separate parking space is available just opposite to the restaurant. 

I recommend it for those who are looking for seafood restaurants in calicut beach

Adaminte Chayakkada Kozhikode

5. Adaminde Chayakkada, Adam’s Teashop

One of the best visited hotels in Kozhikode.

The theme itself is so amazing and famous.

Lot’s of old and vintage decorations, side panels of an ambassador as a bench, push cart and an old scooter as the tables, lots of very old radios, a nostalgic place for those born in the 90s.

It is located in nearest Calicut beach. The restaurant is well maintained. Even the wash basin concept is really impressive. So many items are decorator in the wall.

Great place to spend time with family and friends. It is a good snack point in kozhikode beach.Their masala tea is must is a must try item.

There are a lot of traditional Malabar snacks available in the restaurant.

The most noticeable fact is the quality of the food with moderate + high pricing.

They have a variety of traditional malabari dishes in their menu.

Do try the Bamboo Biryani. Good vegetarian options as well.

Great service by friendly staff and amazing ambience.

Bread items are available only after 4pm.

The staffs are all helpful and friendly.

It’ll be a bit crowded in here so make sure to be aware of it, we had to wait a while to dine in here but it was worth the wait in first time. And the second time, we ordered combo ghee rice and curry and the rice was not well cooked, and it was okay okay. (maybe because of the day)

I can for sure tell you that you will have a really good time just having some tea and snacks inside!

It’s close to the beach as well, can park your car at the slots near the beach and walk towards here.

It will be a great experience for sure.

Everyone must visit this store atleast once for their vibe and food.

And don’t forget to comment your experience here.

So, what are you waiting for?

Explore and enjoy the palatable food spots in calicut beach.

If you are looking for the best non veg or seafood restaurants in calicut beach to fill your tummies, just try these amazing restaurants and have a remarkable experience.

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Never miss the chance to explore new varieties of food and places of Calicut.

Not only the calicut beach and foods, but also visit our Mittayi Theruvu – SM Street, and Ansari Park.

And i assure you that you won’t feel regret in these spot.

By the way, please don’t forget to comment on your experience in calicut beach.

See ya!