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Rahmath Hotel Calicut, the ultimate taste house of Kozhikode.

Going for a bike ride or a long drive is the most calming activity one can do alone, as well as a group.

Being a traveller is the new trend in the society these days. There won’t be a single person whose Instagram account is not updated with pictures of these travels.

Being a traveler means being a foodie. Both words come together these days. You are traveling and you get to taste the local delicacies, there is nothing that brings joy more than that.

Food has become such an important part of us that people travel for food. They go in search of good food, and good restaurants.

Such restaurants become one of the landmarks in a village or district. Rahmath Hotel Calicut is one of the greatest examples of that. 

Rahmath Hotel Calicut

People visit Calicut just to taste the delicacies biriyani that the Rahmath hotel Kozhikode provides. I too chose the road to Rahmath Kozhikode, just to taste the delicious meals this restaurant provides. 


Rahmath Hotel Kozhikode Menu

Now as a Malayalee, if someone says that you get a valet parking and can eat delicious food and still doesn’t need to care about the price, I would laugh at them.

But that’s not the case here at Rahmath hotel Kozhikode. They provide the best, if not the bestest food, and free parking, with good ambiance, with such low price.

Usually, when you see the bill for all these, your eyes will pop out of your eye socket. You would be surprised here too, but not because of the high price, but the opposite. 

Not just the price, but the food tastes amazing here. One should always try the beef biryani, or else you would regret your visit. One cannot express the taste of the beef biryani of Rahmath hotel Kozhikode.


As a group of eight, we ordered only four full biryani since we ordered other items too. Oh boy, we did so wrong there. None of us were willing to share it because of its taste.

The mint lime and the beef biryani is the perfect combination. We felt the combo as a couple made in heaven. The spring chicken we ordered tasted just as amazing too.

Our friends who visited after us ordered the Beef Roast, Veg Kuruma, Pathiri, Biryani, Kallummakaya Fry, and delicious Calicut special snacks they said it tasted amazing as well.


We have already made plans to visit the Rahmath hotel Calicut to eat them up. Maybe this time we will all order each menu and taste, along with eight full beef biryani.

Man, they taste so good!!!

Ambience of Kozhikode Rahmath Hotel

When you are visiting a pocket friendly restaurant in Kerala, or anywhere else, you can expect the ambience of the place to be average. But Rahmath Hotel Calicut exceeds these expectations.

The utensils are clean, so is the toilet area. Like I said it is a pocket-friendly restaurant, so do not expect a star hotel like clean, just more than an average place. The most important thing that we noticed was there wasn’t any foul smell that would disturb us from eating. 

The next best thing about the place is the friendly staff. Usually, the staff at a local restaurant would do their job, if not give you stares for being loud or laughing. But here, they just let you be. There are no unwanted stares from them and you can eat comfortably there.

They also are friendly people and are easy-going people. Since we went as a group there, we were a little worried about the complaints we are going to receive from the staff for being noisy. But when we were laughing and making fun of each other, they joined us and treated us indifferently.

Though I can only give three stars for the cleanliness of the place, I can surely give more than five stars for the staff. The only thing that worried us was the waiting time. Since the Rahmath hotel Kozhikode is famous, there is a huge line to get the food.

So if you’re planning to go there, you might want to avoid the peak hours or else you would be waiting for hours there. 

Parking of Hotel Rahmath Calicut

When you are a traveler and visit a place, you would be most concerned about the parking space of that place. The same rule goes to a restaurant.

The parking matters the most in the case of the restaurants as one needs to be at ease while eating, or you won’t be able to enjoy your food.

Well, maybe that’s why you can only think about the food served before you in Rahmath hotel Calicut since parking is not a problem here. 

Though you can only park motorcycles right by the restaurant, there is a dedicated parking space provided for the bigger vehicles. Since the parking ground is quite far from the hotel, we were a bit panicked at first.

But they provide a free pick-up ride to and from there to the hotel. And the parking is free too if you show the bill receipt from the hotel. So it’s a win-win situation.

One can enjoy the food without any worries and without any parking fees. I can give five out of five stars for the parking system here. 

Hotel Rahmath Kozhikode

Hotel Rahmath Kozhikode Aravind Ghosh Rd

Calicut Rahmath Hotel provides Parking spot at Aravind Ghosh Rd `

New Rahmath Hotel Calicut

New Rahmath Hotel Calicut

New Rahmath hotel Calicut stadium junction provides Parking spot near the restaurant.

My Verdict about Calicut Rahmath Hotel

Well… What are you waiting for?

Just go there already!

I mean the food tastes AMAZING!

If you are a foodie you have to go there, or else you just call yourselves that. If you are not a foodie, then go there and become one.

You will fall in love with food once you taste the food from Kozhikode Rahmath hotel.

Rahmath hotel Kozhikode is one of the best restaurants in Calicut one can try. The restaurant gives you the traditional local cuisines with affordable prices, yet better taste. It has become one of the attractions of the taste of Malabar and Kozhikode and it is worth it. 

Do visit and enjoy the delicious local cuisines of Rahmath hotel Calicut. Trust me, you won’t regret it.