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Wake up the tourist of your mind!

And explore restaurants in Udma…

Also visit kasaragod most famous places…

Udma is a place in the Kasaragod district in the northernmost of Kerala. 

It is famous for the name Bekal fort.

Should I explain about Bekal fort when you are well aware of the place?

Anyway, I will give an intro for the readers who are not aware of the Baket fort and read the rest from our Wikipedia. 

Bekal Fort is a giant fort in Kerala that has a higher range of historical and tourist value. 

It will be a special place for you to enjoy and feel the historical fort and the superb ambiance of the seashore.

Seriously, If you visit once, I can assure you that you will think about seeing it once again…

Yes, to grasp the taste and vibes of Bekal fort.

Not only the Bekal fort, here is a land of beauties…. 

You can find several fabulous beaches here. 

That will surely steal your eyes and minds…

The seaside beaches of Udma are Kappil beach, Bekal beach, Chembirika beach, Pallikara beach, and so on.

5 Best Restaurants in Udma

Well, make your leisure time energetic by having food at the great restaurants in Udma after visiting all these beautiful places.

Quality restaurant & Bakes

Mutton Curry

A pocket-friendly tasty restaurants in Udma near Bekal fort. 

It would be best if you wanted to try the taste of Kasaragod from a quality restaurant.

They provide quality food and service from a quality restaurant as their name.

You will get the food at a very reasonable price. 

It is one of the best restaurants in Kasaragod for vegetarian and non vegetarian food lovers.

Spotless and friendly place with humble service from staff. 

Here you can access indoor AC service.

You can also try quality dry fruits and native Kerala chips at a reasonable price from the bakery in the same stall.

A restaurant with good ambiance and well seating arrangements, clean and fresh feeling.

A restaurant with lots of delicious foods, they are:-

  • Vegetarian food items
  • Beef
  • Mutton
  • North Indian dishes
  • Tandoori
  • Arabian dishes
  • Bread items
  • Fried rice and noodles etc…

And that Mutton curry! Yummm…

Indeed a perfect restaurant for food lovers, catch the place on the way to Bekal fort, and it is close to Lalit and Bekal resorts.


Al Faham

Another best restaurant in UDMA that gives you a chance to taste delicious foods.

Outstanding service and delicious foods are available here.

The parking space is available on the front side of the restaurant. 

A very clean and good feeling ambiance.

Have a better food time with your friends.

Tasty foods at an average price and you can eat peacefully on the first floor of the restaurant.

The most plus point of the restaurant is quick service and newly serviced first floor.

Rooms are also available for stay, and they will open till 11 pm.

The foods are available here:-

  • Beef fry
  • Chicken chilly
  • Biriyani
  • Kerala paratha
  • Butter chicken
  • Lime juice
  • Garlic nan
  • Chicken chili
  • Butter Chicken
  • Al faham
  • Juices and more…



The best vegetarian restaurant in Kasaragod for vegetarian foodies, it is near to highway.

Taste the yummy masala dosa and Idly to fill your mind and tummy.

A restaurant with good parking space and nicely behaving staff.

Good quality vegetarian foods are available here at affordable prices.

The food items are:-

  • Baji
  • Porotta
  • Chappathi
  • Uthappam
  • Biriyani
  • Meals
  • Upma
  • Dosa
  • Avil
  • Seera
  • Uzhunnuvada
  • Masala dosa
  • Ghee roast
  • Manchurian


Idli and Sambar

Have yummy masala dosa for only Rs thirty!

Another excellent vegetarian restaurants in udma that provides tasty foods at a reasonable price.

The restaurant is a little place to eat, so don’t expect high-class facilities. But it feels nice and has a good ambiance.

The foods are tasty and feel very hygienic.

You can have meals and food items according to your mind. 

Very humble service and good in quality. 

The food items are:-

  • Masala dosa
  • Ghee roast
  • Upma
  • Vada
  • Baji
  • Kappa
  • Porotta
  • Chapathi
  • Idli
  • Dosa
  • Puttu
  • Onion Uthappam and many more…

Have food and cool your mind with sweet and tasty ice creams.

The Shawarma Hut

Restaurants in Udma Special Shawarma

Do you want to try delicious shawarma?

Then this is an excellent restaurant to try. 

Come and taste the awesome and yummy shwarma from here.

An excellent food corner with friendly customer service and a nice ambiance.

The food items available are Shawarma, Chicken items Grilled items etc…


Never miss the taste and beauty of UDMA.

It will give you a good experience for a traveler who loves nature and the seashore.

Make your eyes and mind blossom with foods and lands of UDMA.

Kasaragod special food items are always special…

Isn’t it?