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Are you looking for any good or family restaurants in Thiruvalla?

If yes, choose any of these restaurants for your taste.

Know the tastes from Indian cuisine to Chinese cuisine, not only that… Even if you are looking for Arabic food also, it’s available here.

Here you can explore top 5 best restaurants in Thiruvalla

Thomson Food Mall Thiruvalla

Thomson food mall Thiruvalla is one of the leading eateries and best restaurants in Thiruvalla arranged inverse to private stand. An excellent put to eat with family amid weekends. Thomson food mall Thiruvalla menu and cuisine Well, Final but not the Slightest. And Every time arrange a different dish or drink. 

And all the time, Two calculate Common and steady – The Quality and Taste. New and Hot. You may never have a gloomy minute whereas tasting and gulping. Thomson restaurant Thiruvalla menu title a couple of The Grill platter, Kerala Parotta, Dragon Chicken in Chinese menu, enthusiasm natural product drinks and baked goods. 

Chicken Dragon

The Arabic angle flame broil moreover stands separated from all. And that special mayonnaise looks like ice cream thick and white. And taste yummilicous. Highly recommended A upbeat supper indeed. One halt for all Kerala dishes. The lunch feast is beautifully great, with a conventional number of alternatives. The middle eastern word is beautiful great as well.

You can discover this vibe marginally out of the hula balloon of Town. No activity, No Swarm of disturbance. Automatic entryways open. You enter with a grin actuated confront, eyes renting to the live counters of sandwich and baked goods and cakes on its adjoining. The ground floor is a glasshouse eatery with a sees expanding to open spaces. It begins with the floor being a party floor for a little and colossal gathering. Well lit and AC keeps cool to relieving consolation.

The staff working there making guests comfortable. They make customers safe, and the serving of food is excellent.

Hygiene, Hospitality, and clean place to visit. The Individuals of Thiruvalla and their sweet slang and stream of mother tongue so is the welcome. 

Thani Naadan. Localities will continuously feel domestic. In brief, arrange anything and everything. The delicacy comes in a matter of time, and you take off the put as you enter with a Smile. 

Typically a decent eatery for dining with family and friends. Parking: Enough for Colossal Event. Ample. Ample stopping space. Excellent and clean room. Good food. But when comparing the cost, the amount was on the good. Payments options are cash, and a mobile wallet is available.

Maa Hotel Thiruvalla

Their biriyani is the most delicate, pleasant flavored. They serve proper and flawless food and it’s fast and yummy foods. Prices are affirming. Not as well awful. Parcels of space. The taste and quality are continuously pleasing. They do not compromise that it is suitable for a family supper, requested Soup, wheat Porota, Chicken Alfham, and Maa special falooda. 

Exceptionally top-notch and yummy food. Maa Hotel Thiruvalla special live mayo was sublime, proper nourishment, no stomach problem, you can try out. The nourishment was dazzling, but the benefit was, well, half the table didn’t get its nourishment till like 20 minutes after, and by at that point, they were nearly wrapped up eating. 

Kerala Chicken Biriyani

Other than that, everything was fine. Based on that one-time encounter, the nourishment was affirmed even though the quantity was a small less for the cost they were offering. 

And the holding up time was moreover a bit as well long on that day. I can’t complain since it was an active day. Be that as it may, the vibe and benefit at this place is lovely good.

The ambiance is excellent there. Their nourishment, benefit, and vibe are intellect-blowing. Keep up the great quality. Good ambiance and Well maintained. 

Had a few issues due to the covid conventions and all (like they give everything in disposable containers & plates). Still, it ceased at this put as it were once. Indeed although swarmed, still the most excellent and the most secure put to go in hotels Thiruvalla.

The servers and other staff members were exceptionally great. Perfect time and they ought to safeguard their staff’s security as well. 

The servers are great. Not much crowd. Would visit again as it is a good restaurants in Thiruvalla. It was the nourishment that baffled everyone. This put has sufficient stopping space. And the food selection, the service they provided with the beautiful ambiance are really nice. A family restaurants in Thiruvalla must-visit Maa hotel Thiruvalla.

Black Fort Restaurant Thiruvalla

Black fort Thiruvalla serves multiple cuisines, and starters are available at reasonable prices and taste really good.

The Black fort Thiruvalla menu is delicious with Shakes, Cocktails, Smoothies, Mojito, Sandwiches, Burgers, Steak pasta, Chinese, BBQ, Tandoor grilled & many more. Cuisines like Italian, Chinese, Arabic are available here. And coming to the restaurant, it’s a well-decorated restaurant with delicious food. 


If you are an Arabic foodie or a person who loves to try something unique. In that case, you can explore all these like Shawarma, Slices of Bread, Grilled chicken…

And yeah, Tandoori Chicken, Ice cream scoops, Soups, Pasta, Noodles, Fried rice, Special lime, Smoothies, Fresh juice, Ice cream, Milkshakes, Ice creams, Shakes, BBQ and Arabic dips are available in the restaurant. The food was good in taste and affordable price.

The Black fort Thiruvalla is well-decorated with comfortable seating arrangements. Well-cleaned restroom and service options like outdoor seating are available here. Delivery, takeaway, and Dine-in are also available.

Offerings the guests all you can eat, including Halal food, Happy-hour food, Late-night food, Organic dishes, Vegetarian options, Dining options, Lunch, Dinner, and Desserts.

Seating is provided, and it’s also suitable for kids, and the atmosphere like casual, and cozy. Crowd, family, friends, and groups can visit the place.

The staff looks excellent and friendly. And they are polite and respectful, which makes the guests like us very happy to order foods.

The service is excellent and good at packing the food. Payments like Debit cards and Wallets are acceptable. And don’t worry mates, parking facilities is also available.

You can quickly locate black fort restaurant Thiruvalla as it is close to SBI Bank. Choosing the best restaurants in Thiruvalla can be difficult when there are so many choices to consider. Naturally, you want to enjoy a pleasant dining experience, and this restaurant makes you enjoy it.

Signature Restaurant Thiruvalla

A pleasant eatery with a lovely vibe and Signature Thiruvalla serve a wide assortment of cuisines. Few things on the menu are not continuously accessible, so it would be good to enquire the staff sometime recently putting the arrange.

The yummy food is available. Indeed even though some were a tiny bit higher than ordinary, nourishment was exceptionally delicious. 

Fried Rice

We feel consolation after the meal. The Signature restaurant Thiruvalla menu is really cool and tasty, We ordered Chicken fried rice and soup and of course, the food was very delicious.

Signature Thiruvalla has an excellent stopping space and has an outdoor sitting region as well, so you’ll appreciate the climate and have a few scrumptious nourishment. 

Signature restaurant Thiruvalla is a must attempt restaurant for nourishment significant others in this area. Pleasant in climate. The benefit was affirming and non-intrusive.

The estimating is direct as well. The climate is genuinely excellent and calming. The restaurant is exceptionally clean and great for couples and families.

The staff is exceptionally accommodating. Client benefit may be a highlight. Profoundly prescribed. Very Great client benefit.

The eatery is found right on most street between Thiruvalla and Chengannur. So the location is perfect.

Payments can be made by Debit cards, Google Pay, Wallets, Credit cards, Master Card, and VISA. Parking space as well is available.

When we talk about the food selection, every restaurant must have various menus as this is one that captured the quality required to be in every restaurant.

Cheesy Spot Thiruvalla

Cheesy spot Thiruvalla has great pizza alternatives, and the vibe is very significant. The most astonishing thing I like approximately this place is, other than the nourishment, of course, those looks and vibes.

Being a foodie, it’s challenging to discover great restaurants in Thiruvalla, but this is undoubtedly a superb alternative compared to the other ones. 


Food is fine here. Preferred the burger, but the pizza has been slight more way better. The mojitos were made with syrup that was as well sweet rather than their typical flavorings. 

Moreover, I like to include the truth that the proprietor is open, calmly tune in to customer criticism, and moves forward accordingly. The fries were great, and the cheese was fine.

The ambiance of Cheesy spot Thiruvalla is a fantastic customer-centric atmosphere. Top-notch, zesty, and worth for the esteem. The climate was decent with imaginative insides decoration. The restaurant was clean, and it was excellent with good staff.

Nourishment is fine. As it were trouble is will not carry sack for your allocated. Superb minute for everyone and dropped in here for mid-evening—delicious tacky pizzas at a reasonable price. 

The climate is something to conversation about. It’s a youthful peppy eatery. Cherish the color combination. The live betta angles in their divider installations. Cash plants in test tubes.

The benefit is provoked, and the staff is neighborly and courteous. The serving was able for its estimate—hygiene 5/5, Ambience 5/5, Taste- Service 5/5. The ambiance is cozy and classy.

Offerings for guest Halal food, Kids’ menu, Late-night food, Vegetarian. Amenities options are Good for kids, High chairs, Toilets, Free Wi-Fi are available. 

The restaurant’s atmosphere has Casual, Cosy, Crowd, and it’s Family-friendly, Groups, etc. Payments are available using Debit and Credit card etc…


If you have to taste some yummy foods, today’s your special day. Because this for you so that you never have to feel that frustration or waste that time again. Visit and Explore the most comfortable restaurants in Thiruvalla.

Comment your favourites…