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Best Restaurants in Adoor

8 Best Restaurants in Adoor to Fill your Stomach

Written by Anjana Wednesday, November 30 2022

Adoor is famous for Sree Krishna Parthasarathy Temple and is a popular tourist destination in Kerala.

No matter what tourist place we go to, we first look for where to get the best food.

Adoor is one of the best places; we can get all kinds of foods, such as vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

North Indian, Arabic, and Chinese dishes are also available here.

Below are some of the best restaurants in Adoor where you can get all this. 

Best Non Veg Restaurants in Adoor

Paradise restaurants and Diana restaurants Adoor are two of the best-known non-veg restaurants in Adoor, which we can never miss in terms of food. Their details are given below:

Best Restaurants in Adoor

1. Paradise Restaurant Adoor

Paradise Restaurant is situated on Adoor Bypass Road which is near Beverage Outlet. There are a variety of chicken and fish dishes here. A restaurant is a great place. You can come with family or friends, 

Most of the seating is in the open air, and they have AC hunts too. The food was delicious in quantity and quality. The price is reasonable. You will get different types of food in this restaurant. There is no need to wait long for service. 

The way one of the staff handled the customer was worth mentioning. He was very courteous and kept to take feedback, and served with a smile. 

Special Food List 

  • Chicken Biryani 
  • Prawns Fry 
  • Beef Dry Fry 
  • Mushroom Masala
  • Chilli Chicken 
  • Mushroom Kadai
  • Kothu Porotta Chicken
  • Pepper Alfahm
  • Ghee Rice 
  • Garlic Chicken 

Main Food List 

  • Paradise Special Biryani 
  • Fish Biryani 
  • Prawns Biryani 
  • Paradise Special Chatti curry 
  • Kuttanadan Fish Curry 
  • Fish Thoran 
  • Fish Thava Fry 
  • Karimeen Masala 
  • Chicken Mappas 
  • Chicken Thoran 
  • Chicken Perattu
Restaurants in Adoor

2. Diana Restaurant Adoor

Diana Restaurant is one of the best restaurants in Adoor; it offers good car parking with excellent security to help you during your parking.

The interiors are fantastic. Food quality and quantity are excellent.

Mandi and other Arabian dishes are also served here. Overall nice; the behavior of the staff is really good and the restroom are clean, and it has perfect restrooms.

The bakery is beside the restaurant; you can order cakes and cut them in the restaurant.

Staffs are extremely helpful, and the chairs are comfortable. Another attraction is welcome drinks. 

Special Food List 

  • Chicken Biryani 
  • Chicken Mandi 
  • Chicken 65 
  • Broasted Chicken 
  • Alfaham Manti 
  • Dragon Chicken 
  • Fish Biryani 
  • Kuzhi Mandi 
  • Diana Spl Chicken Fry 

Main Food List 

  • Palak Paneer 
  • Chilli Gobi 
  • Dal Tadka 
  • Koonthal Roast 
  • Prawn Roast 
  • Mutton Rogan Josh
  • Mutton Pepper Fry 
  • Egg Kothu Parotta 
  • Chilly Parotta 
  • Garlic Naan 
  • Chicken Stew 

Best Veg Restaurant in Adoor

No matter what tourist place we go to, it is effortless to find a non-veg restaurant.

Still, it isn’t easy to find a vegetarian restaurant.

But Aryas and Padma Cafe are the two best vegetarian restaurants in Adoor.

Restaurants in Adoor

3. Aryaas Restaurant

A reasonable budget vegetarian hotel in Adoor. Clean and calm ambiance.

Lots of veg dishes on their menu, like Idly, dosa, poori, vada, etc.

Cool drinks and juices are also available. Good customer service.

They have attached the A/C restaurant separately. Cardpayment and UPI payments are accepted, which is very close to KSRTC bus stand.

They have courteous staff, so food is supplied without much delay. 

This hotel is inside a shopping complex. It’s on the first floor, and we have a vast parking space on the ground floor for around 20 vehicles at a time. 

Which is situated in Adoor tower in central adoor. 

Special food list

  • Masala dosa 
  • Poori set 
  • Onion dosa 
  • Gopi Manchurian 
  • Chilly parotta 
  • Spl. Ghee roast 
  • Spl. Masala dosa 
  • Spl. Meals 

Main food list 

  • Chamba rice 
  • Noodles 
  • Onion oothappam
  • Appam 
  • Fried rice 
  • Biriyani
Restaurants in Adoor

4. Padma Cafe

A charming and clean pure vegetarian restaurant around the locality.

Staffs are amicable. The food was delicious and adequately served.

Got a large open area parking space which is very convenient.

They have traditional Kerala dishes like vada, dosa, masala dosa, etc.

Which is situated near an old private bus stand and kairali lab. 

Special Food List 

  • Special Butter Masala Dosa
  • Special Thali
  • Kothu Parotta 
  • Veg Fried Rice 
  • Schezwan fried rice 
  • Chilli parotta 
  • Tomato uthappam 
  • Unniappam 

Main Food List 

  • Onion Uthappam 
  • Puttu 
  • Noodles 
  • Paneer masala 
  • Mushroom Masala 
  • Gobi 65 
  • Chilli gobi 
  • Sweet kuzhakatta

Best Seafood Restaurants in Adoor

On a trip, seafood lovers are an indispensable element in that group. For them, the best seafood restaurant in Adoor are given below: 

Restaurants in Adoor

5. Co-operative Restaurant

If you prefer seafood, it is the right place to eat at Adoor. They serve all kinds of seafood. The ambiance of the hotel is charming. 

It is near Adoor Bypass Signal (Adoor- Kayamkulam Bypass)

They have wide varieties of “Puttu” like chicken puttu, Beef puttu, Fish puttu, etc.

The lady who coordinated the food order was friendly and informative.

The hotel was elegant and tidy. The toilets were well maintained. 

Special Food List 

  • Mixed Sea Food 
  • Podimeen Fry 
  • Fish Biryani puttu 
  • Fish Biryani 
  • Salt and pepper fish curry
  • Neymeen fries 

Main Food List 

  • Meals with Meen Sambar 
  • Fish pollichath 
  • Fish puttu 
  • Pepper Chicken 
  • Chicken fried rice 
  • Chicken biryani puttu
Restaurants in Adoor

6.  Fil fil Family Restaurant

This restaurant has a very good dining area and well-behaving staff.

A large parking area is available in front of the hotel.

The Interior of the hotel and its neatness are excellent.

Convenient location on the adoor bypass.

They Serve both veg and non-veg dishes. 

Special Food list 

  • Kerala Prawn curry
  • Kerala Fish curry 
  • Masala/fry (Neymeen) 
  • Fish masala 
  • Crab Roast 
  • Kaada Fry 
  • Karimeen fry 
  • Koonthal Fry 
  • Prawns roast 
  • Mango fish 

Main Food List 

  • Thalassery dum biryani
  • Butter chicken masala 
  • Sweet corn soup 
  • Chicken stew 
  • Chicken mandhi 
  • Tandoor porotta 
  • Garlic nan 
  • Plain kulcha

Best Chinese Restaurant in Adoor

There are many chines dishes for lovers in our Kerala. The best Chinese dishes served at the restaurant in Adoor is:

Restaurants in Adoor

7. Thomson Restaurant & Bakery

Nice place with a cheerful ambiance. Melodious music running in the background with a gentle sound will enhance your mind and appetite. Good food and an excellent parking area.

The restaurant is on the kayamkulam-punalur road, opposite the Mariam Plaza building. 

Special food List 

  • Paneer butter masala 
  • Paneer Kadai 
  • Veg Kadai 
  • Chilly paneer 
  • Mushroom masala 
  • Mushroom chilly 
  • Gobi Manchurian 
  • Chilly gobi 
  • Veg. Khorma 

Main Food List 

  • Duck stew 
  • Irachi cheeni chatti 
  • Sweet corn chicken 
  • Kasthoori chicken 
  • Chicken doplaza 
  • Butter naan 

Best Arabian Restaurant in Adoor

The best Arabian restaurant in Adoor is given below:

Restaurants in Adoor

8. Chef’s Food Planet

Good restaurant and have a good ambiance. You can say for sure this place has the best atmosphere in town. The quality of the food is outstanding.

While on a highway ride, one looks for good food, safe and excellent parking, and restrooms. Which is in Parass La at Adoor. 

Special food List 

  • Alfaham full
  • Schezwan Alfaham
  • Alfaham Pollichath
  • American BBQ 
  • Peri peri BBQ
  • Honey BBQ 

Main Food List 

  • Puttu Ice cream 
  • Cream of chicken soup 
  • Kabab 
  • Butter chicken 
  • Pothichoru 
  • Mutton Biryani 
  • Beef deep fry 
  • Fish Alfaham 
  • Squid Fry 
  • Kuttanadan Chicken curry 
  • Blue sparkling

We hope you have enjoyed reading about the delicious dishes you can find in the best restaurants in Adoor.

Please take some time to check out mykeralafood, some of the restaurants in Pathanamthitta, and punalur and also think about which delicious foods you’d like to try first!

If you’re looking for a good restaurant in Adoor, or you’re just looking for a new place to try, we hope you’ll give one of these places a try!

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