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To know the heartbeats and the delicious dishes of Kollam, visit restaurants in Punalur.

It’s an attractive tourist place that makes you feel pleasant and accessible.

The attractive places of Punalur are Oachira Parabrahma Temple, Jatayu earth’s center, an adventure centre for those adventures.

To cool your mind and enjoy evenings, go to Kollam beach, or Azheekal beach or Palaruvi Waterfalls

And Thangassery Light House are the other places that make your mind cherished.

5 Best Restaurants in Punalur

You can visit places and have the taste of Punalur from the best restaurants in Punalur.

Imperial Kitchen Punalur


Imperial Kitchen Punalur is one of the best restaurants in the city of Punalaur to have your lunch and dinner.

It’s a perfect place to have good food with your family and friends.

A place to have good and tasty foods with better quality and quantity.

The restaurant provides a friendly and pleasant ambience with good service.

Imperial Kitchen Punalur menu provides a variety of tasty foods.

Here, we can have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods.

The unique dishes available are:-

  • Kizhi porotta 
  • Chicken noodles
  • Biriyani
  • Sweet – corn veg & soup
  • Hot & sour chicken soup
  • Hyderabadi chicken biriyani
  • Combo meals
  • Meat curry
  • Chicken curry
  • Fruits salad with vanilla ice cream
  • Fresh lime with soda
  • Snacks
  • Chocolates
  • Dry fruits & many more…

A pleasant place with parking facilities but no wheelchair facilities are available at the entrance.

An excellent restaurant and feeling better, but non-veg foods are a little bit costly.

Here, we can come from morning 11 AM tonight 10 PM.

It’s a special place for dinner and lunch with excellent service.

A clean place with a good hand wash section is available here…

And a place to enjoy your dinner time.

Elegant Restaurant Punalur


An excellent restaurant with yummy foods.

You can come here with your family and friends and have tasty foods at a reasonable price.

A restaurant with a suitable seating arrangement and decent foods with good quality and quantity.

The price of foods is also expected and not expensive.

You can have typical Kerala and Chinese style foods at Elegant restaurant with excellent taste.

The foods available here are:-

  • Chicken chilly
  • Kuzhimandi
  • Al- faham
  • Kabsa
  • Beef biriyani
  • Chicken noodles
  • Fried rice
  • Kizhi poratta & many more…

Friendly staff and lovely service and better parking service available.

And of course with a pleasant ambience and feeling good…

A place for Kerala foods and come and enjoy your food times.

Hotel Saravana Bhavan Punalur


Hotel Saravana Bhavan is the best restaurants in Punalur for vegetarian foods.

Here, you can explore your delicious vegetarian recipes.

A place that provides a variety of vegetarian dishes for a reasonable price.

They provide Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner with reasonable quality assurance.

It is famous for thali meal and the chutney provided by them was very tasty.

The foods available here are:-

  • Masala dosa
  • Variety of dosa
  • Dosa with chutney
  • Thali meal
  • Paneer masala
  • Chilly Porotta
  • Gobi munjuri
  • Ghee roast

Not only that, you can enjoy a pleasant ambience here.

The restaurant is clean, and they provide good service but crowded most of the times.

You can have healthy and tasty foods here.

A place that is known for its fresh and Malayali style foods.

Ac and Non Ac section and service are available on the first floor.

Come with your family and have a variety of vegetarian dishes full of satisfaction.

Zam Zam Hotel Punalur


Zam Zam Hotel Punalur is best for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

A place that provides good foods with a lovely ambience.

One of the best punalur restaurants for Non-vegetarian foods with limited options to vegetarian foods.

You can have tasty Non-vegetarian foods at an affordable cost and they serve tasty and quick meals.

Zam Zam is famous for its tasty biriyani and especially shawarma and many more.

The foods available here are:-

  • Biriyani
  • Al faham
  • Rice Thali
  • Chicken curry
  • Ghee rice
  • Fresh juice
  • Ice creams
  • Shakes & many more…

Ac service is available, if you are looking for AC restaurants in Punalur and…

Fill your mind and stomach with tasty foods, Zam Zam is a good option.

Parking service is available but limited.

The accommodation facilities are available here.

Visit here with your friends and family.

A One Restaurant Punalur


A one is also a good restaurant for your food time.

Enjoy good food with better lighting.

The place appeared in a dark mood and friendly place with cleanliness.

Here you can have both vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods at a reasonable price.

The restaurant provides certain Chinese dishes also.

The items available here are:-

  • Porotta
  • Egg roast
  • Shavarma
  • Fish fry
  • Chicken curry
  • Al faham
  • Biriyani
  • Beef fry
  • Chinese dishes & more…

A one restaurant has comfortable parking space with a good customer service.


Punalur is a tourist city and makes you feel fresh and happy with adventurous places and good foods.

It is situated near the Kerala Tamil Nadu border in the Kollam district of Kerala.

Never miss an attractive place and food on the journey to Punalur.

You can visit the famous Punalur hanging bridge and enjoy your times.

And have food in the middle of your long journey.

Have a visit to Punalur and make your mind filled with memories…

Good moments, and yummy tastes too from restaurants in Punalur.

Enjoy dears…